Keeping You Connected

EliteMail is a safe and secure email service that has great features. From a shareable calendar to an online text editor that makes sending, receiving and storing emails and files hassle-free, EliteMail is your all-in-one email solution. You can access your EliteMail email from anywhere at any time, and our customer service team is always available when you need them most.

Emails, Always Up to Date

EliteMail easily synchronises your emails, contacts and calendar events across any webmail, desktop or mobile device. Once your account is set up, it automatically updates when you're on the go.

Multilingual Communication

From Spanish to Arabic or Portuguese to Chinese, EliteMail keeps you connected in many languages with fully translated icons and buttons. If your home language is not readily available, we have tools to easily add any language.

Storage Available Wherever

With 1GB of available storage, your photos, videos and files can all be stored in EliteMail. Drag and drop files from your desktop or add and share files from any device so you can access them anywhere.

Never Lose a Contact

Create, manage and share contacts from your browser, mobile or desktop app. EliteMail supports multiple file types which makes sharing and receiving contact information a breeze.

Manage your account on the fly

Photos and files are stored in the cloud and accessible on any internet-enabled mobile device.

Save the date

Create and share special calendar events with family and friends or accept their invitations. With EliteMail, you can use our collaborative calendar with both EliteMail users and external users so you'll never miss a thing.

Stay up to date

Utilise your calendar and never miss an important event. Your calendar syncs with Outlook, iCal and iOS; it's simple and easy to use so you always know what's on the schedule for the day.

Customisable Themes

Add a little extra colour or a personal touch to your EliteMail account through the selection of one of our existing themes or add your own!

Find it Quick

With a powerful search bar, you'll be able to find any message or attachment in any folder, sent or received. Fast and accurate.

All you need to stay connected

EliteMail caters for your needs. It's fast and adapts to any device - whether a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. You'll be able to send any file and store personal documents and pictures that are accessible from anywhere.

On the Web

EliteMail's user-friendly webmail is fast and intuitive as it remembers and autocompletes web addresses. All this while being easy to navigate.

On your Smart Device

Enjoy email on the go with EliteMail's very accessible WebApp. The mobile browser makes checking emails and managing contacts and calendar events simple. We've made mobile email easier.

Uncluttered & Easy

Enjoy your EliteMail calendar and webmail. Powerful yet a simple design and always in sync with all your devices.

Stay connected with EliteMail. Receive all our great features.


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